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Actives[edit | edit source]

Active systems are things like shields or repulsors. These are currently the only two Actives in the game. They can be equipped in the red slots on your ship.

Shield[edit | edit source]

The Shield is pretty simple. You activate it and get a small protective bubble around your ship, blocking every projectile attempting to get too close to your ship and slowly draining energy from your ship for as long as your Shield is up. You can get this Active onto your ship for 50 Energy, 100 Void.

"While it has power, this will block almost all incoming damage from weaponry. Crucially it does not stop physical objects from passing through - so asteroids and other craft will still be a threat." - As it is described In Game

Base Stat Multipliers (Level 1)
1 1
Final Stat Multipliers (Level 10)
2 2

Repulsor[edit | edit source]

The Repulsor is just as simple as the Shield. You press Space Bar to trigger your Active and then you don't have to worry about objects that were too close to you as they will get pushed away by the Repulsor. No more worrying about when the next asteroid is about to appear on your screen. Drones get the same treatment too, so more fun for you and it will only cost you 100 Energy, 50 Void.

"Feeling claustrophobic? Tired of other entities invading your personal space? Fire off this Repulsor and everything will be pushed away from you!" - As it is described In Game