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Drones have been waging war for millennia, and whilst not exactly a murderous race, their three factions were more than capable of destroying any human craft pitted against them up until the deployment of the SH-15 and its sister craft.

Their craft are piloted by crews of Drones, and there are plenty of roles filled by the full range of ships they can call on.

The following 5 examples are only those confirmed to be involved in the proceedings up to the Lazarus Event. The Ourobeans are unable to promise that more types will not turn up as the Event repeats. The Drones prove to be a really interesting variable for them, and one they're struggling to resist the temptation to observe and influence.

Drone Ships
Ship Description Health Damage Guaranteed Reward Other
The workhorse of the Drone forces, will temporarily retreat after taking heavy damage. 38 15 1 MEV Resource
  • Blue = Void
  • Yellow = Energy
  • Orange = Mass
Bigger than the SH-15, but less well armoured.
Rushes in close to deal very high damage with its pincers and maw. 200 90 (60 with Rammer) 1 Void Resource Armoured (50% damage reduction) on the front.
Equipped with an impenetrable forcefield that blocks all incoming shots, but not solid objects. 400 ? 1 Void Resource Will try to move close to allies to protect them.
This tiny craft tries to collect MEV, Lazarene & Loot Crates, and its hold grows to accommodate any amount of loot. 175 0? 1 Void Resource Capable of mining MEV from Asteroids.
An enormous and tough craft with three huge laser barrages to defend itself. 6000 90? 3 Loot Crates

?? Lazarene Resources

?? MEV Resources

Is able to spawn in other Drone ships to help it fight.