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Since the first Lazarus Event, humanity has been struggling to deal with the situation it finds itself in. For those left at home on Earth or any of the hundreds of colonised planets, things weren’t so bad - maybe they get to relive lovely moments, try to court each other in fresh ways, or perfect some experiment or other. But for those on the front line, the story is very different.

Constant combat.

Life-or-death situations too numerous to counts.

Seeing friends die over and over and over… the stresses built to breaking point, and indeed something broke.

The Factions:[edit | edit source]

The human pilots split into two factions, along two broad beliefs:

  • One believes that the way to finally win the war and break free of the Lazarus Event is tied to the missing Pilot. They believe her disappearance holds clues to the future, and so finding her will bring about some kind of revelation.
  • The other believes the key is in the Ourobean tech, and what they can offer us. They think that they can somehow impress the Ourobeans and be somehow rewarded, and if not will resort to wresting their power away from them if it means saving the universe.