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Passives[edit | edit source]

Passive systems affect the normal operations of your ship, whether it is energy usage or collection. Currently there are three Passives.

Energy Efficiency[edit | edit source]

Are you tired of shooting for what feels like a couple of seconds before having to recharge your Energy again? Well, worry not! This passive is for you. Energy Efficiency makes your use of energy... more efficient. There isn't more to tell. You can get this Passive for only 100 Energy, 200 Void and 300 Mass.

"Equipping this passive module means you use energy at a lower rate. Handy for anyone who wants to go on long trips, or hold their trigger down for absolute ages." - As it is described In Game

MEV Siphon[edit | edit source]

Are you tired of grinding for ressources? Do you wish you could make more profit of shooting them bad drones or even worse asteroids? Well, worry not! This passive is for you. With the MEV Siphon you will get twice as many ressources. Yes, TWICE as many! That makes gathering ressources take half the time it originally would (theoretically). So what are you waiting for? Definitely not for your favourite equipments! For only 100 Void this Passive is yours. (Warning: Doesn't double Lazarene income)

"This passive module improves the collection process of Mass, Energy and Void, increasing the amount collected on contact. We Ourobeans don't share your obsession with 'shinies' but you get a kick out of them, so here we are." - As it is described In Game

Rammer[edit | edit source]

Are you tired of taking way too much damage from hitting space stuff? Well, worry not! This passive is for you. The Rammer module decreases damage you take from any way of collision. May it be flying into an asteroids or being gently nudged by one. This passive will help you survive more collisions and not only that! It even helps you do more damage to anything you ram so who needs responsible flying anyway? It's just 400 Energy and 200 Void away from being yours!

"We've endeavoured to provide for the more, um, spatially frivolous amongst your pilots. Equipping this reduces the damage taken from any collision and, after some upgrading, it will output damage too. Sadly, we can do nothing for your craft's paint job." - As it is described In Game