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Ships come in a variety of classes; new players start with the SR-15, an incredibly nimble fighter craft that could go toe to toe with anything the Apophis used.

For now, since the open pre-alpha, the player may eventually pilot up to 6 unique ships, each ship having its own default stats and a number of slots for Core, Special, Active and Passive Systems (given in the table below in Core/Special/Active/Passive order). Switching ships, once the player has at least 2 unlocked ships, may be done at any Xenotaph for 500 Lazarene.

Player ships can have their health (HP) reduced if they collide with objects at high speeds or get hit by attacks. Missing health can be restored by picking up MEV and Lazarene resources (+3 HP per resource) or by docking at any Xenotaph (fully restores HP and EN).

If the player ship's HP is reduced to zero, the ship will be destroyed and all goods not yet deposited at a Xenotaph will be lost. Afterward, the player will respawn in an SR-15 (a.k.a Sheherazade-15) with only the Basic Laser equipped. A destroyed ship can be repaired at any Xenotaph for 5000 Lazarene (doing so will automatically make it the current ship).

Following the player's journey through the world of Lazarus, they might encounter Crates that will reward them with Systems, Ships but also new ship Skins. These skins might be as well given through Events, the few one that exist through events since today are the Squadron 500 skins and the Caffeine skins.

Since the Update 29 "Statistical Relevance", player ships got new stats to delete the damage that could go infinite. (1.3...)

Player ships
Ship Systems Description Health/Energy Other
Scheherazade-15 (skin Humbug)
1/1/1/1 A thousand and one fights. The ship that started it all. 400HP /250EN Average speed & Size
Le Bug (skin Dotty)
1/0/0/2 Small, fast, and an annoyance. 200HP /100EN Great speed & Small size
Dragonfly (skin Fresh Prints)
2/0/1/3 Definitely not a 'Durgenflee'. 800HP /600EN Bad speed & Great size
Mantis (skin D15)
2/0/1/2 Named after its peculiar wing formation 525HP /350EN Bad speed & Great size
Knuckle (skin Ex Machina )
2/0/0/1 A fast, punchy but brittle craft. 300HP /200EN Great speed & Small size
Scarab (skin Chewing)
0/2/0/4 The scarab was emblematic of life & death for ancient Egyptians. 650HP /500EN Bad speed & Great size

Skins[edit | edit source]

Crates skins:[edit | edit source]

In the world of Lazarus, crates will be able to reward you skins to change your ship paint and look.

The main skin of the game is known for now as "White Orange" on the default rarity.

They are many of them, the known rarities given to these are "Common";"Rare";"Epic";"Exceptional";"Legendary". It is currently unknown how hard is a special rarity to get.

Common skins:[edit | edit source]

  • GreenBlack
  • Humbug
  • Peppermint
  • TealRed
  • WhiteOrange (Default)
  • WhiteTint

Rare skins:[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon
  • Eagle
  • Foliage
  • Zag
  • Zebra

Epic skins:[edit | edit source]

  • Chewing
  • ExMachina
  • FreshPrints
  • StarsNStripes

Exceptional skins:[edit | edit source]

  • CAFFEINE (Given to the Caffeine team members)
  • Vertex (Given to every player before Early access)

Legendary skins:[edit | edit source]

  • Wasp