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Special systems are things that you use less frequently, but are still mostly considered to have offensive capabilities or to be used as weapons. They can be equipped in the yellow slots on your ship.

Limpet Booster[edit | edit source]

Limpet Booster

A small projectile that is essentially an engine with a sticky nose. If it hits anything then it latches on, and then triggers its own engine for a short period, pushing it. Makes for interesting results against enemy craft!

"This device will attach to any surface, and then ignite its own engine to apply a moderate amount of force. Little fuel is stored on such a small delivery mechanism." - the ingame description.

Fitting Fee: 100 Energy, 50 Void

Turret[edit | edit source]


A deployable turret that auto tracks and shoots. It deals a lot of damage, can be destroyed by enemy fire and friendly fire, and will even capture a territory if left on its own.

"If you feel the need to defend an area, or perhaps just need some fire support, then this deployable turret is the answer. It will automatically aim and shoot at any valid targets within its effective range. Take care not to be in the way." - the ingame description.

Base Stat Multipliers (Level 1)
1 1 1 1 1
Final Stat Multipliers (Level 10)
1.4 2 3 2 1.25