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Ships Systems allow for new abilities and upgrades to your Ship and are divided into four categories:

UPGRADING - GENERAL[edit | edit source]

Players can upgrade their Systems either in a Xenotaph, or in the Wipe Screens presented to the player once the Lazarus Event is complete, accessed while the new universe is being rebuilt.

UPGRADING - LEVEL[edit | edit source]

Humans can upgrade Systems, by spending Lazarene.

  • Lazarene is dropped by enemies or asteroids killed by the player
  • All Lazarene spent on a System gives an additional small %age towards the System's Rank.
  • A System's Level is reset when the Lazarus Event happens.
  • Most Systems have a maximum Level of 10.
  • Upgrading a System will always increase its power, usefulness or specific unique attribute.
UPGRADING - RANK[edit | edit source]

Systems can have their Rank upgraded through the use of Duplicate Tokens.

  • Duplicate Tokens are awarded automatically when the player gets a duplicate Ship, Skin or System in a Loot Crate
  • Duplicate Skin and Ship tokens can be spent on any System the player wants to.
  • Duplicate System tokens can only be spent on the System that it is a duplicate of.
  • Rank does not reset during a Lazarus Event
  • A System's Rank is also its minimum Level. So if a Core Blaster is at Rank 4, it starts the next Wipe at Level 4. It's a permanent upgrade.
  • Most Systems have a maximum Rank of 10.