The Ourobean Comet

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Humanity was engaged a war for their survival, and of course that did not stop scientific research from continuing at pace. If anything, it sped it up.

One such effort was the study of a peculiar and remote gas giant, in the orbit of which we established a manned research station. Very little of use was discovered for months, even years, until one day a strange energy signature was detected.

A month later to the day, the station was ripped to shreds in a collision with a comet.

The chances of a collision like that were infinitesimally small, let alone that the comet’s approach would go undetected. If they had some warning, steps could have been taken to avoid their deaths. But it was not to be.

Everyone aboard was killed, and when the search & rescue team arrived, the comet's pieces, along with those of the station were - against the laws of physics - still in full orbit. A fiery trail of debris stretched all the way around the planet, with the still-smouldering station at its head. We investigated, found an ancient artefact that had been hidden inside the comet, and the Ourobean name was given to the long-dead race responsible for its construction.

Apt not only for the shape of the incandescent debris trail still hanging in orbit to this day, but also because the death of all those people gave us a new hope for survival in the battle against the Apophis.