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Xenotaphs are giant structures dotted about space, built (or perhaps grown) by the Ourobeans. They were seldom encountered before the first Lazarus Event, littered as they were across the entire known universe, but ever since the first Event, they’ve appeared in considerably higher density in the area encompassing the final battle.

All we really know about them is that they were 'built' by the Ourobeans - and that they welcome Human fighters into them, but do not allow Drone or Apophis craft inside. They hang in space, silent, until a Human craft approaches, at which point they will react in one way or another. They're seemingly pacifist, with no ability to defend itself, and furthermore each one seems to be unique, though there is zero communication to be had with them to prove this theory.

Each Xenotaph controls an area of space around it, and as such acts as a focal point for conflict even for the Drones and Apophis.

Once inside, a Human ship invariably encounters an Ourobean entity, and the Pilot in question is able to engage in all manner of technological tinkering. They're able to:

  • Repair any damage to their piloted craft
  • Swap to another craft (we don't know how or where they store them, and definitely not how they got access to the whole fleet)
  • Fully repair a totally destroyed craft
  • Equip different Systems
  • Upgrade weaponry and other Systems (humanity's best scientists are very confused as to how this works)
  • Open Loot Crates and process the rewards they contain
  • etc

Most of these actions come at a small cost of various resources that, while relatively easy to come by in the world, are of unknown importance to the Ourobeans. Conjecture revolves around the idea that the Ourobeans - powerful as they appear to be - still need to burn resources every time they trigger a Lazarus Event. This is unconfirmed as of yet.